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Jarell Mique

Personal Portfolio


Jerry is Director of Crate- for Everything, a DC-based production agency, creative incubator and previously, DC’s only all-Asian owned art/photo studio. 

With a background in international broadcast journalism, Jerry’s interest in advocacy and storytelling has brought him to a career covering progressive media for the masses. Through both photo and video, Jerry produces impactful, community-focused media. With a mission focusing on social impact and uplifting local communities, productions by Jerry are specifically made to highlight and support BIPOC artists by creating opportunities that are usually not accessible to local minorities.

With his unique perspective towards career-filmmaking, Jerry has amassed

over 100 million views through projects that he’s produced on working with clients such as: USA Today, Toyota, Mr. Beast, Buzzfeed, Muslim and more. Jerry

develops projects, scripts and creative strategy based on the client's needs

and visions. Through real connection and journalism, Jerry provides a context to his stories that is often missed or overlooked. He specializes in adding a culture-forward mission to existing projects. 



Jerry brings a dynamic range of styles to his work, with a fondness for documentary-style and portrait photography. His unique blend of "street" and "portrait" photography evokes poignant narratives by capturing fleeting moments, weaving compelling stories, and building genuine connections with his subjects. Whether he's tuned into the heartbeat of the streets or controlled intimacy of a studio setting, Jerry's lens discovers beauty in every moment. From editorial portraits to the art of storytelling with food, he believes that each subject deserves their own special moment to be immortalized in a single frame.

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