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Jarell Mique

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Jerry is Director of the DC based production agency and creative incubator:

Crate- for Everything- Previously, DC’s only all-Asian owned art/photo studio. 

With a background in international broadcast journalism, Jerry’s interest in advocacy and storytelling has shined a light on the district’s shining talent and local artists. With a mission to uplift BIPOC artists, the programs produced by Jerry are specifically made to highlight and uplift by creating opportunities that are usually not accessible to locals. 

Regardless of his unique approach to career-filmmaking, Jerry has amassed

over 100 million views through projects that he’s produced on working with clients such as: USA Today, Toyota, Mr. Beast, Buzzfeed, and more. 
Jerry has also co-directed and produced the spinoff internet show “DC is Blind” a

local blind dating show that aired during the beginning of the pandemic. Jerry

develops projects, scripts, and direction strategy based on the client's needs

and visions. He specializes in adding a culture-forward mission to existing


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